Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
We wish all our friends and fans Merry Christmas a rockin' New Year 2019.

FLATMAN Mini-Tour Autum 2018

Howdie FLATMAN Fans!

For this autum are two grat special "Southern Events" planed in Upper Franconia!

Southern Boogie Rock Special at the "Wiesla Rock Club" and
the Southern Party at the "Bayrischen Hof" at Muenchberg.

We are looking forward to see you all!

Dont miss out the great Rockshow with FLATMAN and the Steve Morgan Band on 7.27.18!
FLATMAN on Stage again with the Nandha Blues Band from Italy
Hi Folks!

Our friends from Nandha Blues Band (Italy) will visit us on 22nd of March.

On that evening we will celebrate a great Southern Party together at Muenchberg, Bayrischer Hof.
Doors open at 7 pm.

We are looking forward to see you there to rock with us!

Neuer Bayrischer Hof
Klosterplatz 2
95213 Münchberg
FLATMAN rocks Bike&Music Weekend Geiselwind Germany

FLATMAN rocks this Jear the Bike & Music Show at Geiselwind Germany.
Show starts on Sunday 10:00 am


The first gigs of that year are fixed!
We will be glad to see you!

01.16.16 Rock und Blues Night, Großschloppen
02.06.16 Birthsdayparty Bayrischer-Hof, Münchberg
(Of Limits)
03.05.16 Wiesal Rock Club, Hof
It´s time! FLATMAN rocks Wiesla!
On the 16th of May 2015 FLATMAN will rock the "Wiesla-Rock-Club" ind Hof/Germany.

The concet will start at 9:00pm.
We are happy to see you all soon!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2015 to all our friends and fans!
If "Wiesla" is calling -FLATMAN will come!
On the 12th of April 2014 FLATMAN will rock again the "Wiesla-Rock-Club" in Hof/Germany.
You will get further informations on the Homage of "Wiesla-Rock-Club".
Concert-Tip! Nandha Blues-Band from Italy at Gefrees/Germany
The Nandha Bluesband from Italy with the legedary slideguitar-player Max Arrigo (Voodoo Lake) will play at the "Werkstatt" in Gerfees/Germany on 11th of April!
FLATMAN is very happy to meet their old friend again after a long time!

We all will join the concert and maybe...we will see what will happen..;-)

Showtime is at 8pm!
See you!
News of he FLATMAN-Band are also available at Facebook!
Now you actually can look for pictures of our shows, news and gigs there!
Search for us and become a friend!
We are proud to support "SKINNY MOLLY "on their Germany-Tour in 2013.
We will share the stage at Lauchhammer at the 30th of October!
FLATMAN live at the "ROCK THE RUINS" Festival
We are happy to join that great, well known international festival at the 24th of August at Weißenstadt, Germany!

On stage this jear:
- JET8 (CZ)
- Deville (S)
- Flatman (D)

Show starts at 7pm, Free enterance!

On the 04th of May 2013 FLATMAN will rock the "Wiesla-Rock-Club" in Hof/Germany.
You will get further informations on the Homage of "Wiesla-Rock-Club".
FLATMAN at the "Finsterwalder Brauhaus" Germany
On Friday the 5th of April FLATMAN will play at the home of the great selfmade "stuff"- the good ol´brewery at Finsterwalde!

The great southern boogie show will start at 9:00pm.

We are still locking forward to see you there!

Emmi recovered!
Emmi our guitarplayer has recovered - The boy is ready to boogie again! :-) - We start up again!

Mimi recovered - Emmi sick...
After recovering of our drummer the guitar-player Emmi is sick now!
He got a new knee and we hope he will be available again soon.

All planed shows for that year are canceled.

We hope to see all our friends again in 2013!

In the meantime we will work on our new CD, which will be hopefully released in 2013...
Supportgig at Lauchhammer is canceled!
The FLATMAN-Support of "Dirty York" in Lauchhammer at the 28h of April is canceled.
Mimi our drummer is actual in the hospital. We hope that he will get better soon...

On the 11th of February FLATMAN will rock the Live-Club "Tante JU" at Dresden/Germany.

You will get further informations on the homage of the "Tante JU"

Doors open at 8:00pm. The concert will start at 9:30pm.

See ya there....
FLATMAN at the "Pegnitzbühne" at Nuremberg, Germany
It´s about time!

FLATMAN starts their tour 2012 at Nuremberg/Germany.

FLATMAN will rock the "Pegnitzbühne" on January 28, 2012.

The show starts at 9 pm.
We are looking forward to see you!

Let The Good Times Roll.......

The concert at the liveclub "TANTE JU" at Dresden, Germany ist now scheduled one week later, 02-11-2012
"Tante JU"

We are looking forward to see you there!

at the Turnerheim Schwarzenbach/S.
The Show will start at 6pm

- 5 Minuten Pause
- Flatman
- Feenstaub (aus Bremen)
- Special Guests

Free Entrance!

FLATMAN live on the 11th Bikeweekend at Kulmbach/Germany
Join the bikeweekend on the 16th/17th of April at Kulmbach/Germany!
FLATMAN will enrich the event on Sunday 17th April with their wellknown pure, powerfull Southern-Rock!

Showtime is at:
10:30 am - 11:45 am
12:30 am - 1:00 pm
1:15 pm - 2.00 pm

Free admission! - See you at Kulmbach!
Flatman will visit France in April 2011 to influence them with their southern-spirit!

The highlight will be the anual southernfestival "FESTIROCK" at Ancerville.

FLATMAN looks forward to share the stage with CALIBRE 12 and Mick Ravassat!

Show starts at 7pm - Admission 13.-€

"FLATMAN" live at the Schützenhaus Bad Steben
On Saturday the 30th of October will be on stage at the Schützenhaus Bad Steben, which is well known for their great rockshows in that county!

A fully loaded evening of good ol´ southern rock is waiting for you there! The show starts at 8pm.

See you at "Stem"

Charity-Open-Air-Concert with "FLATMAN" and "Black ´n Burn"
On the 14th of August "Black ´n Burn", "Deadbeat-Hero" and "FLATMAN" will play a cherity-concert together for the little girl Paula Dietel to give her the possibility for a therapy which help her to integrate into a normal life.

5:00 pm - Black´n Burn
7:00 pm - Deadbeat Hero
9:00 pm - Flatman
FLATMAN on "MySpace" and "YouTube"
Of course, all about FLATMAN is also available at "MySpace". It´s possible to hear some samples of our CD´s there.


Furthermore you can see three video-bootlegs from "FLATMAN" on "YouTube"!

"Bottle of Booze"
"Horse in Flames"
"Shot Down"

Just click on....

The next FLATMAN shows are scheduled:

Saturday, 2010-05-15 · 95168 Marktleuthen Germany
Saturday, 2010-04-24 · 95213 Münchberg Germany
FLATMAN will start into the new jear 2010 with two live-shows in January!

01.16.2010 - Saalfeld, "CHAMP"
01.30.2010 - Finsterwalde, "Brauhaus Radigk"
The next FLATMAN live concerts are approaching!
Here are dates of the next shows:
10.24.09 - Hof, "Wiesla Rockclub" -Germany
11.21.09 - Plauen, "The Ranch" -Germany
Furher shows are still in work!
FLATMAN LIVE & UNPLUGGED at the "Radlerscheune" Burg, Germany
FLATMAN will offer a "special unplugged feeling" at the 7th southernrock-meeting at Burg/Spreewald - Germany. A real new experiance for all friends of good handmade music. Friends and fans are still waiting for that special event at the 13th of june.

The show will start at 8pm at the "Radlerscheune" at Burg-Germany. If the weather is good, we will play outside in the "Radlergarten"!
FLATMAN "live&unplugged" at the "Bockpfeifer", Selbitz Germany
You can hear FLATMAN from an complete different side at the "Southern-Summer-Jam-Sessions 2009" at the "Bockpfeifer" Selbitz on the 5th of June, 9:00pm.
FLATMAN "live and unplugged" means flatmansongs and other southernclassics played on accousticguitar and bass, mandoline, lapsteel, harp and percussion.
An evening with special sound and feel!
Flatman join the EKSTASE OPEN AIR 2009 at Marktleuthen (Germany)
On the 16th of May the EKSTASE OPEN AIR starts on the "Teufelsstein", a place near Marktleuthen which means "devilsstone".
"FLATMAN" share the stage with "Le Bain De Maid" (CZ) and "Poc Vecem".

The Show starts at 5pm - FREE ENTRANCE!
Flatman rocks the "CHAMP" at Saalfeld, Germany
On Saturday the 9th of May FLATMAN will visit the "CHAMP" at Saalfeld, Suedgallerie, Germany. There you will get an evening of real "Southern Boogie Rock´n Roll" at its best. Show starts a 9 pm.
Hope to see you all!
FLATMAN will open the Southern-Rock Season 2009
Now it´s time!
FLATMAN will open the sourthern-rock-season 2009 at the "APOLLO THEATRE", Muenchberg, Germany.
The newcomerband "Quirk of Fate" will share the stage with us for their first time!
Georg Bayer has passed away
Georg Bayer the frontman of Europeans best southernband “Lizard” and founder of the German southernrock-scene has passed away. He was a good friend of us and a great musician too. We are very sad and send all our condolences to his family.
Farewell Georg! Thank you for all – We will never forget you.

FLATMAN opens for "Molly Hatchet" in Nuernberg
Flatman will support "Molly Hatchet´s 30th Anniversary Tour" on Stage in Nuernberg on the 8th of December. Doors open at 8:00pm. - "I love that Boogie Southern Rock´n Roll!" FLATMAN rocks the "Wiesla-Rock-Club" in Hof
On the 29th of November FLATMAN will rock the "Wiesla-Rock-Club" ind Hof/Germany.

You will get further informations on the Homage of "Wiesla-Rock-Club".

Doors open at 7:00pm. The Concet will start at 9:00pm. Cheap drinks and snacks are available for all visitors and fans!
Flatman Live CD now available!
Now the Live-CD has arrived and is available at different mailorders! BUY NOW!
The first FLATMAN-release is now completely sold out! Thank You to all our Fans!
Concert at the APOLLO THEATRE 30th june 2007
The in April canceled concert will repeated on Saturday the 30th june. We will share the stage with our friends from Kulmbach, "PEARLY GATES". We are very excited to meet you all there! See You! Concerts at the 26th and 27th May 2007 without "Gummi" on Bass
The knee of our bassplayer Mathias Popp had to be operated in hospital. So he is not able play the two concerts next weekend!
Don´t worry! The concerts will not be canceled!
Our friend, bassplayer from the "Dirty Heckel Band" - Michael "Männla" Sommermann will stand in and play the two gigs!
CD-Release Party 28th April 2007 at the Apollo Theatre Muenchberg
Now its time! At the 28th April FLATMAN will celebrate with friends and fans the new record “Live at the Apollo Theatre” in (what would be a better…) Muenchberg at the “Apollo- Servicecinema”. As special guests a new blues- and jamrock formation will join the show and share the stage with us.
This will be a very special evening, you can not miss out!
Additional at that weekend the so called “Slowbeer-Fair” will take place in Muenchberg and at Friday before the Show (07-04-27): American Custom Car Show at the parking lot of the Apollo (start´s 5:00pm)
Broken Leg!
Our bassguitarplayer Matthias „Gummi“ Popp had broken his leg and is not able to play the gig at the
28th April. Fortunately our friend the well known musician Hans Peter Mehnert will stand in and save the gig at the Apollp Theatre! Thank you Hans!!!
New FLATMAN Live-CD delayed!
The CD “Live at the Apollo Theatre” delayed!
. A little preview sample is to hear at "www.myspace.com/flatmanmusic" .

Track List:
1. BetterYou Hide
2. Big Apple
3. Edge Of Sundown
4. Mama Told Me
5. Damn Good Band From Dixieland
6. Tuesday´s Gone
7. I Pray
8. Shot Down
9. Ghost Train From Georgia
10. The Revenge
11. Sailor
12. A Bottle Of Booze
13. Horse In Flames

FLATMAN without Backing-Vocals
The two girls Sabine Kossmann and Kathrin Saalfrank left the Band. FLATMAN will carry on without Backing-Vocals for the moment. Concerttip: Southern Rock Nights 2006 with "FLATMAN" and the swedish SR-formation "SOUTHERN SOULS"
On the 8th and 9th of december 2006 you are able to join two great southern rock doublefeatures! "FLATMAN" will be together on stage with the swedish southern band "SOUTHERN SOULS" They play their first gigs in germany and perform all wellknown clasic hits of that genre.
Two must see concerts for all classic-rock and southern fans

As an special suprise Billy Moss from "REBEL STORM" will come from USA to see the shows and maybe...


2006-12-08 Arnstadt, "Jungfer"

2006-12-09 Schwarzenbach/Saale, "Rock-Keller"

New contact
Use the following adress to get in contact with Flatman:
Phone: +49 (0) 160 - 7131646
e-mail: flatman@vr-web.de
The new Flatman-CD will come out this year yet
The boys and girls from "FLATMAN" used the last weeks to get some energy. Now they´re back with new activities.
Here the up-to-date news from "FLATMAN":
==> First a new album shall be already published in December 2006. The third Flatman-album will be called "LIVE AT THE APOLLO THEATRE" and this time you can be pleased to hear a live-production. For this a concert at the "APOLLO THEATRE" will be recorded on 07th of October 2006. If we get further details and informations they will be published here.
==> On 07th of Oktober 2006 the Flatman-Live-Concert takes place at the "APOLLO THEATRE" in 95213
Münchberg. Their friends from Italy, the southern-rock-formation "VOODOO LAKE" from Turin will open this unique evening.
Southern-Rock at the great Rock-Festival in Weißdorf!
On 23 June 2006, the "4th Bierzeltrock Festival" will be held in Weißdorf - Germany. FLATMAN, together with
"THE DIRTY HECKEL BAND" and the "BURNIN` STRINGS", will appear on stage at the great Rock-Festival in Franconian/Germany. All fans and friends of hand-made rock music are highly welcome!
New picture galleries are online
Under the heading "PICS", new snapshots from the latest FLATMAN shows are displayed. FLATMAN on 16. March 2006 at "rockradio.de"
The web radio "rockradio.de" will send a live transmission about the "FLATMAN" band on 16.03.2006 from 8 p.m. Band members and brothers Stefan and Torsten Kossmann will be studio guests, and listeners will have the possibility to chat and call in.
Do not miss this event on www.rockradio.de
The next FLATMAN live concerts are approaching!
With some brand-new songs, FLATMAN will be back on stage. Here the dates:
25.03.06 - 95482 Gefrees - "Werkstatt"
21.04.06 - 03046 Cottbus - "Bebel-Club"
Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2005 to all our friends and fans!
Autumn news and an enjoyful visit by "Eddie Stone" (DOC HOLLIDAY) from Macon/Georgia
"FLATMAN" would like to thank Eddie Stone (keyboarder of the Southern Rock legend DOC HOLLIDAY who readily had agreed to play a double concert with his old friends "FLATMAN" during his present solo club tour in Germany. Friends and fans rocked and partied on Saturday 12.11.05 at the Rock-Keller in Schwarzenbach/Saale.
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
On the occasion of an interview in the online magazine "Home of Rock", singer Stefan Kossmann openly spoke about current events as well as his view of the problems and positive aspects in the Southern rock scene. The Interview with Fred Schmidtlein can be read in
"HOME OF ROCK". ==> www.home-of-rock.de
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
New pictures have been included in the picture gallery.
In addition to some live pictures from recent FLATMAN shows, earlier pictures can be viewed in the
FLATMAN HISTORY ARCHIV. Please look under: "PICS".
On two days, FLATMAN was rocking with full power at the "Bike & Music Weekend" in Geiselwind for an audience of 10000 fans. The picture gallery now includes the material from this great event. A DVD about the Bike and Music Weekend 2005 is already under preparation. "EASYRIDERS" - the biker magazine reports about FLATMAN
The latest edition of the "Easyrider" biker magazine (10/05) contains a 3-sided article about FLATMAN. The first selling date of the magazine published in four languages (German, Dutch, Italian, French) is September 7, 2005. Buy! NEW FLATMAN ACTION ALREADY IN THE PLANNING STAGE!
In order to gain new energy, FLATMAN will have a gig-free break for a few weeks. During that time, however, the band will be working on new song ideas in the studio. For autumn already, new concert dates are envisaged. As soon as the new shows with FLATMAN have been confirmed, they will be published here. 10th Southern Music Festival in Teublitz/Germany
On 6 August 2005, the "10th Southern Music Festival" will be held in Teublitz.
In the evening, this anniversary will be celebrated with a big live concert where
all fans and friends of hand-made rock music are highly welcome. After the "HERZIG-BAND" has really turned on the heat, "FLATMAN" will appear on stage and present to the audience a fireworks of guitars. In order to be prepared for bad weather conditions, the originally planned open air festival will be transferred to a hall located on the Läpple company site.
"Bike and Music Weekend"
From 12 to 14 August 2005, the "Bike and Music Weekend" will take place again on the site of the Autohof Strohofer in Geiselwind. This year's highlight on the open air stage will be "FLATMAN" live. The Southern Rock Shows are announced for Saturday (all day) and
Sunday (morning until noon). For an exact time plan and program click ==> here
New picture galleries are online
Under the heading "PICS", new snapshots from the latest FLATMAN shows are displayed. Biker Party in Ernstroda
The annual Biker Party in Ernstroda will take place on 18 June. The highlight is the live concert in the evening for which "FLATMAN" will provide the right sound. FLATMAN at the great Southern-Rock-Festival in the Czech Republic
On 25 June, FLATMAN, together with many other bands and friends, will appear on stage at the great Southern Rock Open Air in Mlejn Hrmenin in the Czech Republic. 3. SOUTHERN-ROCK LISTENTREFFEN IN SPREEWALD (NEAR BERLIN)
On the occasion of the "3rd SOUTHERN-ROCK LISTENTREFFEN 2005",
the organisers this year present a concert highlight once again.
Besides "FLATMAN", the Italian Southern Rock formation + "VOODOO LAKE"
will also appear live on stage. The event will take place
on 27.05.2005 in Schlepzig (Spreewald) - "Gaststätte Künzel"
Another double concert by "FLATMAN" and + "VOODOO LAKE" will be offered
at the "Party 64". The Southern-Rock night will be held on 28.05.05
in Reitwein at the "Heiratsmarkt"
The brand-new album of the Italian Southern-Rock formation "VOODOO LAKE" will include Stefan Kossmann as guest singer. For this CD which will be released in 2005 the FLATMAN frontman sang the title "SON OF THE WITCH". "A BOTTLE OF BOOZE" sold out
FLATMAN`s highly praised debut album of 2002 is now sold out. A new edition of this CD from 2002 is presently not planned. Residual quantities are offered by various mail order shops in the Internet and at live concerts. Therefore, if you come across a copy of "A BOTTLE OF BOOZE" you should buy it! CONCERT TIP
On 14.05.05 FLATMAN will be on stage again together with their friends and colleagues "MONACO BLUES BAND" from Sweden. This great concert is a must for all Southern- and Blues-Rock friends in the "Rock-Keller" at Schwarzenbach/Saale! And The Road Goes On...
The Hell-Bent On Glory tour is continued! New 2005 concert dates are online. Moreover:
• The picture gallery is finally available for you and shows brand-new shots!
• New press releases, reviews and reports about the new album "Hell-Bent
On Glory" and the latest gigs can be found under "REVIEWS"
Last Show in 2004
Before starting into the new year 2005 at full steam, let's rock together one more time on Saturday 18.12.04 in Schlepzig - "Zum Unterspreewald" We strongly recommend you to read (buy): "BREAK OUT"
The latest edition of the "BREAK OUT" rock magazine includes a comprehensive
article about the current Southern Rock scene as well as an interview with
Stefan Kossmann and more information about Flatman: BUY !!!
CD-Release-Party featuring Johnny Neel
On 26.11.04, Flatman will celebrate, together with friends and fans, their new album „Hell-Bent On Glory“ at the Rockkeller (Schwarzenbach/Saale). Performing guests of this CD Release Party will include the Flatman friends
from the Italian Power-Blues-Rock-Trio „W.I.N.D.“ as well as the American Southern Rock legend „Johnny Neel“.
The new Flatman album "HELL-BENT ON GLORY" with 2 bonus tracks will be published in autumn 2004 by the German label "HALYCON MUSIC".

For information please visit: www.halycon-music.de
FLATMAN in Wendlingen
On 8.10.04 the great "ZELTSPEKTAKEL" will take place in WENDLINGEN - (farewell concert of LIZARD'S singer "Georg Bayer"). Guests will include FLATMAN as well as musicians from DOC HOLLIDAY, MOLLY HATCHET and MANFRED MANN'S EARTH BAND. German Southern Rock Scene in "eclipsed"
The latest issue of german rock magazine "eclipsed" contains an report about the german southern rock scene.
Buy it!
New Flatman album available soon!!!
The new Flatman CD "Hell-Bent On Glory" will be available in May 2004.
Responsible for the sound quality was Herman Frank (also Producer/Engineer of Molly Hatchet, Rose Tattoo, Saxon and others).
Our next gigs will take us to Italy again. We are looking forward to the concerts with our friends of VOODOO LAKE (Torino, 2nd & 3rd of April) and
W.I.N.D. (Udine, 24th of April).
New Southern Rock Compilation
MANASSAS RECORDS (UK) will release a awesome collection of 15 Bands on one budget priced compilation, called "Stars And Bars". The full colour booklet will contain liner notes written by Michael Buffalo Smith of Gritz Magazine. The album will contain a brand new FLATMAN song and songs of the following artists:
Alligator Stew, Blackberry Smoke,
Bounty Hunter, Chigger Red,
Dukes Nightmare, Flatman (GER),
Ghost Riders, Grinderswitch,
Medicine Hat (GB), Messenger,
Rebel Storm, Road Dawgs,
Michael Buffalo Smith,
Southern Rock Allstars,
Sulentic Brothers Band.

Year End Concert
It's a tradition for us to play the last concert of the year in our home area. Don't miss the gig on Dec 27th at the Rock-Keller in Schwarzenbach/Saale.
The show will be openend by our friends from BURNIN' STRINGS.
GATOR PARTY 2003 !!!
This year the annual "gator party" is taking place in three cities:
02.10.03: Arnstadt, Lokschuppen
03.10.03: Altenkunstadt, Nepomuk
04.10.03: Lauchhammer, Friedensgedächtniskirche
We all are looking forward to the show together with our friends of REBEL STORM (USA) and W.I.N.D. (Italy)
Czech fan website online now!
We are very proud about the first czech fanclub website at the internet, made by czech fans for czech fans!
Dear friends, we will meet again in Prague, November 1st!!!
--> http://www.ffc.unas.cz
'Bottle Of Booze' now available at PHOENIX RECORDS
Our CD 'Bottle Of Booze' is from now on also at PHOENIX RECORDS available.
Please order at http://www.phoenix-records.de
Summer Break
Dear friends and fans,
we are on holidays for the next weeks.
We'll be back on stage end of September.
Check the dates section - new dates for fall are online now.
The current issue of the popular german music mag GITARRE & BASS contains an article about the german Southern Rock scene. BUY IT! BOTTLE OF BOOZE : Album Of The Week
Our CD 'Bottle Of Booze' became ALBUM OF THE WEEK at the radio show ROCK INVASION of the italien radio station ANTENNA 2.
(for more information please go to the review section)
Southern Night Marktredwitz
Like the year before FLATMAN will headline also this year the Southern Night in Marktredwitz on Friday, June 13th in Marktredwitz. The show will be openend by OHNIVA VODA from Prague/Czech Republic (http://www.ohnivavoda.cz/. Flatman at GRITZ
The current print issue of the Southern Rock mag GRITZ contains an article about Flatman and a review of the cd "Bottle Of Booze" written by Michael Buffalo Smith.
You'll find more under 'reviews' on this site...
From April 30th to May 4th the first meeting of the German Southern Rock Mailinglist is taking place in Burg (Spreewald). No question - highlight of this event is the festival in Schlepzig on Friday, May 2nd, with the german southern rock bands LIZARD, NOCTURN and FLATMAN.
We're looking forward to visitors from all over the country.
New pics online
You'll find lots of new pics in the gallery - check it out .... WHOLE LOTTA ROCK !!!

Bands Of Dixie
The latest issue (Jan/Feb) of the french Southern Rock magazine
'Bands Of Dixie' contains
an interview with our guitar genius
LIZARD & FLATMAN: German Southern Rock On Stage
We're looking forward to our next gig.
At January 31th we will play a show together with our frynds of LIZARD.
It will taking place in Esslingen at culture centre 'Dieselstrasse'. See yah'
Flatman will open the show for Wishbone Ash at 'Hirschen' in Nuremberg at 14th of January.

The Gator Party 2002 is taking place in
Kulmbach, Leonhardt-Dippold-Halle at Saturday, November 9th.
A big number of visitors is expected because of FREE ENTRY !!!
We are looking forward to rock the place with our friends of Monaco Blues Band and Crazy Catfish.
Don't miss the show ...!!!
Welcome Bikers !
Flatman is online
Hi folks, the official Flatman-website is online since today. We wish you a lot of fun while browsing.

Brand New Album
Hell-Bent On Glory