The origins of FLATMAN go back to 1997. This was when band founder Stefan Kossmann decided to form a Lynyrd Skynyrd cover band. Following several line-up changes, the present format was found to be the ideal constellation which, on the back of an impressive stream of live performances - including support acts for Molly Hatchet, Doc Holliday and Wishbone Ash - is attracting a fast-expanding fan base in Germany and, more recently, also in the Czech Republic, Skandinavia and Italy.

FLATMAN make no secret of who their main influences are: Lynyrd Skynyrd as well as other great exponents of the Southern rock genre, such as Molly Hatchet or the Allman Brothers.

Impressive too is the spectrum of their own pieces with which the young musicians have made a name for themselves over recent years. At their widely praised concerts, the Bavarian band still pay tribute to the old Southern rock legends and skilfully incorporate unforgotten Southern hymns into their varied, lively programme. FLATMAN really know how to bring these cover songs to life, never failing to give them their own typical, dynamic sound.

With an unending succession of live performances FLATMAN have managed to build up an ever larger following, sweeping audiences (including many "old rockers") off their feet with their songs and stunning stage acts. FLATMAN's sound is a fusion of all the typical elements as well as explosive guitar duels, growling slides, powerful rhythms and rugged, earthy vocals that make the band virtuosos of classic Southern rock.

In September 2002 the Southern rock formation celebrated a milestone in the band's history: long awaited by fans, the debut CD “A BOTTLE OF BOOZE” was launched and presented at concerts in Germany, the Czech Republic and Italy. Two tours with the American band Rebel Storm, with whom FLATMAN enjoys a close friendship, have taken the band to many different parts of Europe.

In March 2004, FLATMAN came out with a brand-new and previously unreleased song on the "STARS'N BARS" Southern Rock sampler published by the British MANASSAS RECORDS label. At the time, the groups was already working on its second album whose production quality in part bears the signature of Herman Frank, producer and engineer for Molly Hatchet, Rose Tattoo, Saxon and others.

When this album was released, Germany's HALYCON-MUSIC label soon realised FLATMAN's musical potential and live performance talents. Halycon-Music released the new album “HELL-BENT ON GLORY” on 25.10.2004 with 2 extra bonus tracks, taking the band a further step closer to the top of the international Southern rock league. On an extensive tour through Germany, the Czech Republic and other neighbouring countries in autumn/winter 2004/2005, FLATMAN will once again be performing live to fans old and new.

The by fans long expected live-CD „LIVE AT THE APOLLO THEATRE“ was released in 2007. This album made an impact like a bomb and is handeled as a milestone in the German southernrock scene.

After sold out concerts all over Europe in 2008/2009 FLATMAN is again on the road all over Germany, and shows their fans oncemore that puncy southernrock is not necessarily made in USA!

Brand New Album
Hell-Bent On Glory